Painting by Otto Mueller

One year ago I stood in front of a painting by Otto Mueller of a pair of lovers.

I looked at the 1918 painting of the young couple. The label told me that they were young Roma. It read that Otto Mueller’s mother may have been Roma herself. Even if she wasn’t, I learned, Mueller himself felt a kinship with the Roma and spent time travelling with them. He was known as Gypsy Mueller.

My shoulders began to shake, my lips trembled. The other people in the gallery avoided looking as I began to sob.

That painting. That moment of…

What is burnout? And how do culture, stress, and emotional exhaustion play a role in the lead up to experiencing burnout?

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received? Is it avoid stress? Because that’s a real doozy.

With bills to pay and life to live, how in the world do you avoid stress? Is there some kind of pause button you can hit on this thing called life? And if there is, is it the one that reads DON’T PANIC?

It may come as no surprise that stress, burnout and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are all related to one another.

The importance of water cannot be overstated. It’s the oil of the 21stcentury. Its usage is at the heart of conflicts all over the Middle East. The team at Desert Control has a solution that promises to both save water and increase the opportunities for agriculture on arid land. ClimateLaunchpad talked to the 2015 winners, Desert Control, about their business and their progress getting their startup up and running.

Clay holds the key

The founders of Desert Control had spent three years in Egypt and Kuwait testing a product to enhance the reflection of sunlight from the surface of the desert sand. …

What’s next for Global Voices?

How Can Global Voices Use Personas to Move Forward?

Global Voices is asking its community to engage in defining its future path. Are we a community? Are we news? Are we media? All of the three? Something we have not yet imagined? The community council brings together a range of people with deep roots in Global Voices, including some of the founding members. It also brings together more recent members, without in-depth knowledge of the organization’s history and mission.

One way to look at the future, may be to employ design practices pioneered by Alan Cooper and the interaction design team (UX, Human Centered Design, whatever you call the…

Anila Noor is a fighter. She’s a feminist. She’s an activist, a campaigner, a policy maker, a newcomer, and a migrant. She’s a mother, a friend, and a partner.

She’s also the fourth daughter in a family of girls. Her parents had hoped for a boy. When Anila was born her relatives actually cried — and not from joy.

“I guess I was a feminist from the day I was born,” she told us. “From then on, I wanted to be visible. I wanted my life to be important. I was the first female in my family to attend university…

by Gretchen Anderson & Tori Egherman

When designing a product, it’s not enough to simply gather information and observations before plunging into design: there is a crucial point in the process where the designer must leave behind what they’ve learned and make a dizzying leap to imagining what the solution should be. Since that solution is rarely, if ever, arrived at deductively, it can be a source of anxiety for designers and clients both. But designers can devise research to identify real, pressing problems that need solving before moving on to designing a product. Clear problem definition is a key…

Aaaahhh…sleep. Isn’t it delightful? Photo by Tori Egherman CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

If you’re tired and anxious and not sleeping, you’re not alone. You probably know that yourself and don’t need a statistic to tell you this.

I spent much of my childhood and decades of my adulthood with sleep anxiety. My parents still seem traumatized by my difficulties sleeping as a baby, and that was half a century ago.

As a result of my difficulties sleeping, I became an avid reader of sleep research, trying different experiments on myself. …

This post presents a summary of an event held at WOW in Amsterdam featuring the scholars Gloria Wekker and Philomena Essed. Both women are featured in artist Patricia Kaersenhout’s community art installation GUESS WHOʼS COMING TO DINNER TOO? There were a few wrong turns and missteps during the evening, which ended up making it brilliant and engaging and worthy of documentation. At the end of this post you will find some tips for moderators.

Gloria Wekker, Philomena Essed, and Patricia Kaersenhout at WOW in Amsterdam.


I count myself privileged to have been in the audience when Gloria Wekker and Philomena Essed shared their experiences and thoughts as scholars, women, women…

There is no doubt that we are living in interesting times. If you are bored, you’re not paying attention. These times require new ways of communicating and reaching out to communities. This post offers several tips. Oh. It also offers a video! A TEDx video!

Step 1: Recognize Growth Hacking for what it is

Angel investor Sean Ellis coined the term Growth Hacker: “a person whose true north is growth.” I love that idea. It feels good. True north. Growth.

Essentially a growth hacker is your best salesperson, communicator, product designer, and engineer rolled into one.

But that isn’t the only way growth hacking is used. It’s most…

This is not the time for jokes.

The one thing I’ve learned from reading history and living through it is that dangerous leaders are ridiculous.

Himmler decked himself out in medieval costumes. Hitler had a funny mustache. Trump has a cat tail on his head. Mussolini pioneered duck face.

Making fun of them may be necessary and healing, but it’s also numbing. Let’s not numb ourselves.

Stay awake. Be loving. Shine lights into the margins.

UPDATE Part 2… Laughs and love will never cease to give

This sonnet was written by Renee Pangilinan who gave me permission to add it to my post:

It is exhausting rewatching World War Two
Destroy what…

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